Momentum Performance Consulting, LLC is committed to helping both individual athletes and teams reach their full potential.  We do this by offering a variety of sport psychology consultative and coaching services.  There is not a one-size fits all approach to mental skills training, so all services will start with an initial assessment that allows us to better understand the specific challenges you are having and/or exactly what you are hoping to accomplish.  We take a collaborative approach with the foundation that you know yourself better than we ever will, so we rely on your input in the creation of goals and desired outcomes.  With this knowledge, we can design a program that is specific to the individual or team.

1:1 Consultation and Coaching

When we work 1:1 with an athlete, we will start with an initial intake which is designed to help us get to know the athlete better as a whole and understand the challenges they are facing in the pursuit of their goals.  Typically, an initial interview combined with a few keys assessments would be utilized to provide us with some baseline information that we can use to develop a strategic plan based on evidence-based strategies that have shown to be effective in other athletes.  Once a plan has been implemented, we will work together to monitor the progress of the athlete and make any necessary adjustments.

Consultation and coaching can be done in person or through the use of video technology such as Skype.


Workshops are designed to provide a number of athletes or team information on a specific mental skill which they can utilize to improve performance.  Depending on the topic, they can last from 30 – 90 minutes.  Workshops will typically include information on the mental skill combined with an individual or group activity that represents the skill and allows the group to practice it.