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Understanding What Drives Your Behavior

We all have reasons that we follow through on activities and reasons that we don’t.  Part of becoming more self-aware is taking the time to dissect what those reasons are so we can identify how to overcome the obstacle if we deem the activity worthy of our effort. The reason I am spending some time [...]

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Increasing Self-Awareness: Easy to Implement Strategies

In my last article, I stressed the importance of becoming more self-aware in order to improve some aspect of performance. For athletes, ask yourself the following questions- When am I at my best? What are the variables surrounding that optimal performance? What did I eat? How was my warmup? What was my self-talk like? When [...]

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Why Self-Awareness is Step One

Why I believe self-awareness is the most important foundational skill to increase your performance. When I use the word performance, I'm referring to performance in all aspects of your life.  It may be how you perform on the field, the depth of your relationships, how you lead others, your effectiveness at your career, and so [...]

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Having gratitude even on the darkest of days

I invite you to take 6 minutes and watch the video where I reflect on the importance of looking for the positive and having gratitude even when you're experiencing a challenging time in your life.  In this video, I share the recent experience of losing my father to pancreatic cancer.

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What is mental skills training

Mental skills training is the practice of acquiring and implementing mental skills for the purpose of increasing performance.  Performance increases can be seen in a variety of domains including sport, in a corporate setting and within individuals' personal lives.  The origins of mental skills range from a variety of sources including: psychology, behavior modification, goal [...]

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Pat Summitt- The embodiment of character

When I think of a coach that embodies the word character, I think of Pat Summitt.  For any that don’t know who she is or may know her by name only, Coach Summitt was a true pioneer and icon in women’s basketball. She is most known for being the fiery head coach of the Tennessee [...]

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Why healthy conflict is important in both business and athletics

Healthy conflict occurs when members of a team share their ideas on the best way to solve a challenge.  This can be anything from developing a new team culture and the standards of behavior associated with that culture to the type of event to have for the end of year party.  The critical piece is [...]

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Why it is important to coach towards mastery rather than outcome

Increased performance. Increased self-efficacy and self-confidence. Greater resiliency in the face of setbacks or obstacles. Decreased anxiety.  What coach doesn't want to see these characteristics in their athletes?  But how exactly do they help facilitate them?  There is ample research and evidence that a focus on mastery will help athletes to experience these positive effective [...]

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Positive development in youth sport

A coach of youth sport plays a much larger role in the positive development of a child than just teaching him or her the skills necessary for the sport.  An estimated 45 million children in the United States participate in an organized program or team making it the most popular structured activity (Mahoney, Larson, Eccles & [...]

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Characteristics of effective leadership

A new style of leadership is emerging as there is increased study of both appreciative and positive leadership (Lewis, 2016).  Transformation leadership, the most widely researched leadership theory, is a type of positive leadership with a focus on doing what is right and authentic to the individual (Beauchamp & Eys, 2014).  It is defined as having four [...]

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