Why Mindset is Critical for Peak Performance

If self-awareness is the first foundational skill for peak performance, than mindset is the second most important.  I’m sure many of you have heard the term mindset before as it has been in the media a lot and is very “on trend”.  Any time I give a workshop on mindset and I ask the participants [...]

The Importance of Being Process Focused

In my previous post I introduced a very basic explanation as to what drives our behavior.  This was meant to be a simple explanation because I have found that it is very easy to over-complicate something to the point of inaction.  Somewhere we get caught up in the minutiae and we don’t take action.  My [...]

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Understanding What Drives Your Behavior

We all have reasons that we follow through on activities and reasons that we don’t.  Part of becoming more self-aware is taking the time to dissect what those reasons are so we can identify how to overcome the obstacle if we deem the activity worthy of our effort. The reason I am spending some time [...]

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Increasing Self-Awareness: Easy to Implement Strategies

In my last article, I stressed the importance of becoming more self-aware in order to improve some aspect of performance. For athletes, ask yourself the following questions- When am I at my best? What are the variables surrounding that optimal performance? What did I eat? How was my warmup? What was my self-talk like? When [...]

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Why Self-Awareness is Step One

Why I believe self-awareness is the most important foundational skill to increase your performance. When I use the word performance, I'm referring to performance in all aspects of your life.  It may be how you perform on the field, the depth of your relationships, how you lead others, your effectiveness at your career, and so [...]

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What is mental skills training

Mental skills training is the practice of acquiring and implementing mental skills for the purpose of increasing performance.  Performance increases can be seen in a variety of domains including sport, in a corporate setting and within individuals' personal lives.  The origins of mental skills range from a variety of sources including: psychology, behavior modification, goal [...]

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