Whether you are on the ballfield or in a boardroom, the principles surrounding high performance is the same. Momentum Performance Consulting, LLC is committed to working with organizations to help them reach new levels of performance through the utilization of a strengths-based approach that first identifies what is working well and the signature strengths of the leaders within the organization.

We offer a variety of programs and consultation to meet the specific needs of your organization ranging from individual executive coaching to a leadership development programs designed to develop transformational leaders.

Executive Coaching

There will come a time when every executive or business professionals will need to learn a new set of skills to reach new levels of achievement within their organization. This may come as a result of being promoted to a more senior position, taking on new responsibilities, or are simply looking to increase their impact. When you find yourself in this position, we are here to help. Not only do we have decades of experience in the corporate world, but we also hold advanced degrees in performance psychology that provide us with specialized knowledge to help move you past the roadblocks and obstacles standing in the way of the achievement of your goals. Learn more about our Executive Coaching Program options here.

Leadership Development

Businesses are complex living entities consisting of social and power dynamics, cultural norms, motivational environments, standards of behavior, and individual mental models. The leaders within an organization play a critical role in its success by contributing to the development of these variables along with harnessing the power of their employees towards a common vision. Company leadership directly impacts the type of culture and climate that is created within their team, the trust and cohesion that is experienced, and satisfaction of their employees to name a few. It is these factors among others that contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of an organization, and ultimately the profitability. Contact us to learn more about the leadership development programs we have available to ensure your leaders are performing to their potential.

Corporate Culture

Corporate cultureCompany culture reigns supreme when evaluating the performance of an organization. Culture is the way things are done. It includes your organization’s vision of where you want to go. The core values and the standards of behavior that reflect those values. It is how you carry out discipline when a value or behavior doesn’t meet the set standard. It is also how you treat and communicate with each other. It is the foundation from which everything else is built. We will use a combination of methods to get an accurate depiction of the current culture and then provide a plan based on strategies that have consistently been proven effective. We will continue to monitor the progress and make any necessary adjusts. Does your organization need a culture assessment? Contact us for an initial evaluation at no cost.