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Performance psychology, or mental skills training as it is also known, refers to the practice of acquiring and implementing specific mental skills for the purpose of increasing performance.  Ranging from foundational skills such as mindset and self-awareness to more advanced skills like imagery and group dynamics, mental skills training can be utilized in a variety of environments.  To learn more about the different mental skills utilized and the building blocks of peak performance, please click here.


There are two components to our approach to mental skills training and development.  The first component is through the use of evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice has been defined as “the systematic decision-making processes which have been shown, through available scientific evidence, to consistently improve measurable client outcomes”.  It’s critical when working with individuals to provide strategies that are based on science rather than anecdotal data.  Individuals have a finite amount of time and resources to reach their full potential and to suggest spending these limiting resources implementing strategies not based on sound research would be doing a disservice to both the individual and our profession.

The second component is a systematic approach to mental skills training.  The key to any mental skills intervention is an individualized approach.  This involves an initial needs assessment as well as an understanding of their previous experience with mental skills training and an understanding of any foundational skills that they already possess and utilize.  There is not one approach or skill that is effective for all scenarios, and the more strategies the individual is proficient in, the more confidence they will have to handle whatever challenge they face.  The list of the mental skills and performance topics below provide you with an overview of what we can cover during consultation, coaching, and workshop sessions.

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Mental Skills and Performance Topics



Goal Setting



Emotional Intelligence

Energy & Stress Management

Focus & Concentration

Productive Thinking


Pre-Performance Routines

Handling Performance Errors



Mental Toughness

Leadership Development

Group Dynamics & Cohesion

Motivational Environments